About Us

Product Suggest is here to give you all you need to know to buy the best products. Our team of experts performs rigorous testing on every product so that you know that you can trust our conclusions. While we test everything to a high degree, our reviews are written in plain English, giving you advice that you can both trust and understand easily.


Our dedicated staff works hard to bring you the latest reviews from the top manufacturers, so the advice we give is always up to date.

Quality reviews

We don’t pull our punches and our guarantee to you is that our reviews are correct and the conclusions are based on fact. It’s our promise that if we say a product is good, then it is good. All of our reviews come to definitive conclusions, too: if we don’t think a product is worth buying, we tell you which one you should buy. While we don’t shy away from complex and high-end products, we’ll always write our reviews in clear, straightforward English to simplify the buying decision.

Proper testing

From buying stain strips in Switzerland for testing washing machines to a capture rig that proves that HDMI cables are all the same, our team of experts performs in-depth testing on each product that arrives in our labs. We push every bit of kit to its limits so that we can honestly sort the bad from the good.


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